Speaking Experience

I love to speak about technical SEO and ecommerce CRO!

I’ve presented at BrightonSEO on 8 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate, CardiffSEO and Reading SEO on Website Migrations, and Women in Tech SEO on Website Performance

Ecommerce CRO

In April 2019, I fulfilled my dream of speaking at BrightonSEO!

I spoke about a topic that I absoltuel love: ecommerce CRO. I presented on 8 ways to increase a website’s ecommerce conversion rate, from personalising the homepage to simplifying the checkout process.

Website Migrations

I’ve presented on how to deliver a sucessful website migration at a few different SEO events, icnluding BristolSEO, ReadingSEO and CardiffSEO.

I really enjoy webiste migrations and have experience managing multiple domain migrations, website redesignes, and platform migrations.

Site Performance

In December 2019, I presented on how to improve your website’s performance. I analysed the page load time of 100 websites and identified the most common 5 issues that websites face, which were browser caching, too many redirects, parsing of JavaScript, too many HTTP requests and scaled images.